Your Guide to Machala, Ecuador

El Oro Province dazzles travelers. Discover the history behind Machala through museums, monuments, cathedrals, and parks. Shop by Monumento al Bananero or sunbathe on the beach across from Isla Jambelí.  Hotel Oro Verde Machala’s friendly staff can help guide you to authentic Ecuador activities.

Our Hotel’s Near Parque Lineal, Isla Jambelí & Other Local Attractions

From awe-inspiring steeples to underwater ecosystems, the roots of Machala’s past run deep. Snap photos of statues, order classic Ecuadorian dishes, and wander the piazzas to learn about our fun and friendly city.

La Piazza Machala (1.6 km) 

Survey window displays in the shopping mall. Purchase a stylish outfit from ETAFASHION. After shopping at La Piazza, relax with a drink at La Cantina Bar Karaoke.

Parque de la Madre (2.3 km) 

Originally the city cemetery, Parque de la Madre is now a 50-year-old homage to the Virgin Mary. Walk across the porcelain floor to the Chapel of the Virgin of Chilla or enjoy a swim in the pool with lights that pulse to the beat of music.

Monumento al Bananero (2.4 km) 

Travel to Machala’s Main Avenue and take a photo of the tall banana monument in the middle of the roundabout. The statue honors Machala’s largest export and signals the beginning of high-end shops and restaurants.

Catedral de Machala (3.6 km) 

Admire the towering spires of Machala Cathedral, also called Our Lady of Mercy Cathedral. With a history dating back to 1747, the cathedral actively serves as the headquarters of the Diocese of Machala and sits next to Paseo de La Merced, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Parque Lineal (5.6 km) 

Centrally located amid local entertainment and dining, Parque Lineal offers picturesque fountains and a playground for the little ones.

Isla Jambelí (8 km) 

Your expedition begins with a 30-minute boat ride from Puerto Bolívar. Debark on a pristine beach and soak up the sights around this exclusive island, which features mangrove forests and colorful marine fauna. There is no bigger open sea beach on the archipelago.

Local Shopping

  • Teojama Comercial Machala Repuestos, 1.6 km
  • Machala Paseo Shopping Mall, 3.7 km
  • Oro Plaza, 4.1 km
  • Mi Comisariato, 4.1 km

Nearby Universities

  • Technical University of Machala, 1.1 km
  • College Baccalaureate Republic of Ecuador COLBREC, 1.9 km
  • UTPL Machala, 5.7 km