A Brief History of Our Hotel

When you learn about Machala, you learn about us. Hotel Oro Verde Machala exhibits the best qualities of Ecuador: selfless hospitality with a smile.

Thirty years ago, Kaspar Manz, a Swiss hotelier along with some friends were exploring Peru and Ecuador. On his way to Guayaquil and while crossing the immense banana plantations of the province of El Oro in southern Ecuador, he described the obvious richness as Oro Verde.

Once in Guayaquil, he and his friend were forced to stay in a small and very humble hotel near the central market, since the only hotel that met their requirements was fully booked. After a very poor night’s rest, he decided with his friend to build the first luxury hotel in Ecuador, in the city of Guayaquil on August 22, 1981.

The idea continued to crystallize and on July 15, 1994 the Hotel Oro Verde Machala was inaugurated, with its General Manager Mr. Peter Brandli, with 150 people in his charge. Being the first 5 star Hotel in the Province and since then it has maintained its categorization, providing lodging to important personalities from inside and outside the country; honoring the reason for the ideals of this great project.

Hotel Oro Verde is the first and only luxury establishment in the city of Machala, located at the entrance of one of the most exclusive residential areas, Unioro; just 5 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from the Santa Rosa Regional Airport. The Hotel has 69 modern and comfortable rooms, 1 cafeteria, 1 delicatessen, 2 bars and 5 meeting rooms.